Here is my final storyboarding assignment and an image from my final "exam" in the class.

Our final for class was drawing on napkins. We had to do a self portrait. Here is mine :)

And.... THE SEMESTER IS OVER!!!! I'm the only person in the lab :(

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edit: oops. This was for an assignment in my storyboarding class. Each student had to choose a different movie to do a sequence of storyboards for an upcoming film. I chose Cars 2... because I didn't want to draw people this week.

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Redo portrait! woop.
Using this project to replace my first portrait assignment of the semester. I'm definitely happier with this one.

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In my storyboarding class we get to drawwwwww hipsters! haha

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 I figured out after effects!!! This is the first animation I've ever created! It works best on a loop, but I don't know how to do that on here. Here's my final for the poster :)


Sneak peak of my most recent piece! There aren't a lot of weeks left in the semester, time to hustle!!!


The first few sketches are for an indoor water park ride that myself. Ash, and Cara and designing together. These sketches were "pre-meetup" but we've all decided to do a "seven sees" inner tube lazy river ride. It should be really interesting! I'm doing a jungle themed area of the ride and sketches for the Atlantis section.
The bottom sketch is for the first portrait assignment in my digital painting class. I really am not happy with the cowgirl painting I did, although I learned a lot doing it. I decided to do another piece for it.
There really is no rhyme or reason behind the concept of this next piece, other than the fact that I REALLY want to do a painting of a guy with a beard and antlers. I found my desires fit pretty well to the assignment.
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Below are some color studies for my final. Decisions decisions...


Here is the infomercial I did for my Intro to SToryboarding class. We chose random people and products and had to make an infomercial out of our selections!

My TV personality is Don Kilpatrick (the  CCS illustration dept chair) and my product was a fire extinguisher.

My random TV announcer kind of looks like Ellen. haha!


Here's my final boards for the ESPN commercial. :)

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I'm making a PSA poster about washing your feet. I'm going with the middle one. This piece will eventually be animated with after effects. Stoked!

Here's a quick preview of my next assignment. There's a king on the dragon's back that I need to pop out a bit more. Yesterday I was watching the Lion King 2 and I payed attention to the environments and now I have a better idea for the rocks in the foreground. Starting the final in a couple hours :)


Here is just a couple pages from my sketchbook throughout the semester so far. The last scan are thumbnails for my next storyboarding assignment. Can't wait!

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I need a better scanner. But here's the basic line drawing for my next project, minus the people. This needs to be final by Wednesday so I'm doing the color study traditionally and the finally is going to be digital. Can't wait. :)


starting up my next environment, dragon looks really funky and I'm open to all sorts or critique and suggestions! The little bubble dudes are saxon warriors, the bubble dude on the dragons back will eventually be a cool looking king! still going to sketch out a few more to see if i can make things more dynamic.. I'm excited about this project though :)


All ready for critique in the morning... now for that 10 page paper due right after.........


here's a bit more progress. still need to bring everything together. need more smoke and flaaaaaames!!! pretty excited that we have an extended deadline for this assignment :)


Here are a couple of recent assignments from my storyboarding class. Probably my favorite class this semester. :)


Here is the color study for the next project in my environment class. I'm happy to get started with the finished piece. :)


Today I started another piece. "worst job" I've posted the progress so far. I've been about 2 hours into that particular piece. I'm probably 12 hours into my dino/amelia piece. I keep getting faced with problems, especially still figuring out digital painting. I'm probably going to take it to color the next time I work on it. I'm excited about both pieces so far. Critique/suggestions are highliy encouraged. :)


Here are two paintings in progress for one of my studio classes. Both have a ways to go before being finished. I wish I had more progress work from the colored piece. First real attempt at photoshop. I'm almost happy!


starting an environment painting for class. we were all given a couple different thumbnails to choose from. i'll be posting progress as i get along.

also working on a storyboarding project for class. scans will be up soon :)


digital painting practice!


my summer working at cedar point.


Just finished up my second year at CCS. Left me feeling like a zombie. Working at Cedar Point this summer, hopefully I'll come back in the fall all refreshed :)


for the sake of art!!!

check out this girl's project!!! LOVE IT!!!

"Throw two people who don't know each other or have never thought of each other in a romantic way into a room and make them kiss."