I'm really having fun with illustrator!! More to come


Finished up my iPad poster for class tomorrow! I've been having a lot of fun with illustrator and I want to find my footing with it. :)

This is from a few weeks ago. I have a lot to fix on it, but overall I'm happy with this piece. Definitely still a work in progress.


Taking a break from my final vector assignment to post my thumbnails for my final senior studio project. I'm planning on doing a series of tote bags. I still need to consider the interior pattern and pretty much everything. Struggling to decide between two for which I'll have completed for Thursday. :)

Thanks for checking out my blog!


Throughout the entire semester, one of our assignments was to illustrate the seven deadly sins using different techniques during the class. Some were clearly done at the beginning of the semester, but hopefully over break I  have time to go back and revisit them.

Thank you for looking at my blog! Critique is welcomed and encouraged. :)


This is my final line drawing for my ipad poster. This class is kicking my butt and I love it!! Time to vector all of it!! :D