There is no heat in my apartment. I'm freezing.

Here's a bit more of my Lady Godiva sketch. I don't like working digitally. But I'll learn to like it soon. Gonna start throwing down value/color tomorrow!


We're doing a Lady Godiva project in my digital pen and ink class. Here's just a character sketch. Just gotta plop her in an environment with a peepin' Tom.

Also, I need a scanner that isn't awful.


I love my storyboarding class. Here is a series of boxers that I drew for the second assignment. Then we chose which one I'm going to beat up in the next assignment. Guess which one I'm doing. :P

Thanks for checking out my blog :)


Here is my first assignment in my adv storyboarding class. We had a minute or two to convey the scenario that our instructor would read aloud. Can you tell what most of these are? Cuz I can't....... hahahaha


Just a quicky of good-ol' Georgy. I don't want to start my homework... so I'm doing quick studies of presidents....and a bad painting of MLK Jr.


Today in my Digital Pen and Ink class we hung out with the Beatles. It was pretty neat. I'm glad the semester has started up again.