i wish i had put more time into this..


image making class.

landscape project work in progress.

nom nom.


Back to school finally!!!
Taking 18 credits this semester, gonna be a blast.
Currently working on a digital painting for my image making class. We started with a black and white image of ours and paint over it in photoshop.
I wish I could find the original reference material.

Still have a bit a ways to go..


I decided I don't really like my work very much. I think it's because I don't have a purpose or direction. The other day someone asked me why I went to art school, and I didn't know why. Which is bad. If someone doesn't have a purpose or drive to do something, they're never going to be great or succeed at what they're doing.
I either need to redirect my life or find passion in what I'm doing.
Maybe getting back to school in a few weeks will help this rut.


Just returned from Cornerstone Festival 09!!
Videos and pics coming soon. If you want to hear stories, ask. =P
But Cornerstone was amazing.

First set of photos:
Yeah, my shoes got absolutely trashed in one week.


Leaving for Cornerstone Festival tomorrow!!

Some of the bands I'm seeing this week!
Doctor!Doctor!, Schaeffer, Children 18:3, The Showdown, Spoken, Family Force 5, The Skies Revolt, Showbread, Relient K, The Wedding, MyChildren MyBride, Gwen Stacy, The Chariot, mewithoutYou, Shiny Toy Guns, Oh Sleeper, Becoming The Archetype, Anberlin , Anchor & Braille, Bradley Hathaway, Ilia, The Classic Crime, War of Ages, Living Sacrifice, The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, Bloodline Severed

Even more I can't remember. There are a few stages that I haven't checked the schedule for.

Oh. PS, i'm back from Florida for the summer!!


I'm going to live in San Francisco one day.
Just wait.

Layover in Las Vegas. Had to spend the night. OH DARN.. I HAVE to spend a night in Las Vegas... What am I going to doooooo? hahah
Best night never.

Hippie-ville. loved it!


Sitting in the airport in Philadelphia, on my way to San Francisco.
This week is going to be great. I hope I remember to do my homework and write my paper. Maybe I'll do that on the plane. I'll be here in Phili for 3 hours.

Finished reading Twilight tonight. Reading New Moon on the plane. Yeah. I'm a loser. I don't care. I like the books. Wouldn't watch the movie if you paid me though.

But i'll be sure to take loads of pictures while I'm in San Fran. Never been there. Going to be a blast. =]


Just a few things pulled from my sketchbook.
Work and online classes have been pretty time consuming. But that's perfectly fine =]


I want to get a lot done this summer.
Here is step one.

I found a bunch of sketches I did in my first semester at CCS, so I scanned them in and I think I'm going to start messing with them. Have been doing a lot of other figurative work too.
My two fashion illustration books came in the mail today! I need to sit down and start looking. Gonna get inspired! yeah!


I was looking through old photos and I found some really great ones. I think I should re introduce these to the world wide webz.

Christmas '08

The mullet days..

I don't even know why this happened..

When I saw him I almost cried. I was terrified.

Best friend. We take cool pictures all the time. haha

Thanks for sharing this moment. =]


The National Spelling Bee.

Several words spelled by the top 7 in this year's bee.
(these kids are not older than 13! crazy.)

palatschinken (the kid i was rooting for got this wrong)
reredos (GO TIM!!!)

Championship Words:
maecenas (no..........)

Congrats Kavya Shivashankar!
(I wanted Tim to win)

These kids are nuts.


I have three moleskin sketchbooks and I'd like to fill them this summer. Let the fun begin.


Just finished it.

I encourage you to
Read. This. Book.


New shoes!

I love to shop.


He should drop everything and marry me right now.
I just realized my favorite character on LOST, has also been my favorite character in other movies, such as Xmen. Um yes. That must mean it's meant to be! haha.
Gosh, sometimes I wish I didn't publicize how weird I am.

Movies I'm looking forward to this summer:
Night at the Museum 2
Transformers 2
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Public Enemies
Year One

They better not let me down.

Sketches and pictures coming soon. promise.

Got my Macbook back in the mail. yes yes yes!


Finally in Florida! Started my first day at Detail Planners. My coworkers, Cory and Sarah, are awesome. Love them already. We tackled a crazy project today and tomorrow is going to be great too! I'm still pretty nervous though. I feel so awkward answering the phone.
Did a bunch of bad sketches on the plane ride over. The guy sitting next to me was looking at me kind of funny (yeah, the guy that was talking to himself).

Here's an overview of where I'm staying this summer:
The air is so humid I feel I can drink it. My hair will be a frizzy afro all summer.
I live with 6 animals. 3 dogs. 3 cats. Cooper, Moochie, Lola, Bigfoot, 75, and Bat.
I get to babysit a bird, dog, snake, and fish in a few weeks.
Bat stares at nothing and 75 attacks my feet.
It's been raining pretty much nonstop. I'd like to go outside and play soon, please.
I'm going to a business conference Wednesday. haha, Let's see how this one goes. eeeek!

My laptop should be getting here soon. Once that happens, I'll be able to upload photos of all the crazy fun I'm having.

Until then, be jealous. =P

And plllease get me to the nearest beach!!


Will avoid human contact for...

true story.

I miss Icarus already. It's going to be a long summer without him.


Image 1: Boy or girl?? Take your guess.
Image 2: My hair will look like this within the next year length wise. It's going to happen.

When at McDonald's in Detroit you hear soul music. At McDonald's in Richmond, you get country.. nothing but country.
At home for a few days. At home there's no TV, no internet, my bedroom turned into storage space, and all of my friends here still have school. Bad timing, eh?
But by next Saturday I'll be in Florida!
Summer classes start the 26th.

I don't know where my camera went, but when I find it I'll upload video from The Chariot last Saturday. Blew my mind.


School is over and I'm ready for it to start again.
Cigarettes are bad for you and no one looks attractive when they smoke. Sorry.
I'm seeing The Chariot tonight!
I can't find any website that has the lyrics to their newest album though. Meaning I'll just make up what I think they're saying.
Hanging with Mallory and Jay afterwards. Gonna be a blasty!
Until then, I'll organize and draw draw draw.

Let's get this party started.


The last days are winding down. Rob and I journeyed to Pontiac to see A Skylit Drive at the Crofoot. Videos will be posted when I feel like it. Jay crashed after his presentation =P
I'm still slowly evaluating and reevaluating what I'm going to use in my review and every time I go back I become less happy with the work I've done these past two semesters. Vaughan got his much needed hair cut last night. =P I like it, but you can be the judge.



I'm starting my list of goals for the summer. So far it's a pretty long list. One thing near the top is that I want to get good with this friggen wacom tablet. haha. It's going to take a while


Year one, done! ...almost

So my first year at CCS is coming to a close. I've made amazing friends and met wonderful people. And through all of the ups and downs, the stress and panic, and through all of the sleepless nights, I'd have to say these last two semesters were very successful. My final review is this coming Thursday. Until then I'll be preparing my work. In two weeks I'm off to Florida for the summer working for Detail Planners. I'll also be taking two summer classes online. It's going to be a really great experience and I'm excited to be seeing family. But until then, I'll be spending my last few weeks here, running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Thanks again to all the amazing people I've met these past two semesters.

summer summer summer.

quick sketch



Work in progress.



DaVanci Sketch Study.



Illustration Techniques - Maxfield Parrish/TMNT painting