The first image is a gradient mesh assignment. I figured since it's just an exercise that I can't throw in my portfolio that I'd show it off here!

The thumbnails are for my final project in my illustrator class! We are to do a vector illustration for the iPad. I really want to do the first one and make it look really vintage. So hopefully my instructor gives me the go ahead. All of the other ones would be really fun to do, too!


When I don't want to do homework I just go on lookbook.nu and sketch hipsters. Super fun!


So, this was the most trying assignment that I've ever done. So many things went wrong when I was creating this in illustrator. But this is illustrator. All blends, gradients, blood, and tears.

Thanks for checking out my blog!


Started working on my spot illustrations for my illustrator class. We are doing the seven deadly sins. Here are Envy and Lust.