Still working on this piece a bit! I feel like I'm starting to lise the figure a bit, but overall, I'm really excited about this piece! I'm having a lot of fun this semester. :)


I'm working on a line drawing for my portrait painting class. The subject of the portrait was supposed to be a relatively famous person that has passed away.

Here is a brief history on this piece:
The man in the lower corner founded the Koei Kan style of karate back in the 50s. The man in the right corner was his student, and my father was his student. The man in the right corner passed away of cancer in '09.
I chose to do this piece for my father. Sensei Mason was an incredible influence on my father's life, and in turn he's also influenced mine.
I only hope I can do Sensei Onishi and Sensei Mason justice in this piece!

Thank you for looking at my blog!


I'm thrilled to be in my final semester of my undergrad! Here are some roughs of my first project in senior studio B. Can't wait to get started on the final piece, but I need to fix her face first. haha


It's the final countdown!!

120 days until graduation.

I'll really be kicking my butt into gear now. I kicked off my semester with getting warmed up with portrait sketches. I'm taking some killer classes this semester and I'm excited to grow even more. I'm going to be pushing myself like crazy this semester and hopefully I'm going to be in a good spot when I graduate.

Let's get this party started!