I'm really having fun with illustrator!! More to come


Finished up my iPad poster for class tomorrow! I've been having a lot of fun with illustrator and I want to find my footing with it. :)

This is from a few weeks ago. I have a lot to fix on it, but overall I'm happy with this piece. Definitely still a work in progress.


Taking a break from my final vector assignment to post my thumbnails for my final senior studio project. I'm planning on doing a series of tote bags. I still need to consider the interior pattern and pretty much everything. Struggling to decide between two for which I'll have completed for Thursday. :)

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Throughout the entire semester, one of our assignments was to illustrate the seven deadly sins using different techniques during the class. Some were clearly done at the beginning of the semester, but hopefully over break I  have time to go back and revisit them.

Thank you for looking at my blog! Critique is welcomed and encouraged. :)


This is my final line drawing for my ipad poster. This class is kicking my butt and I love it!! Time to vector all of it!! :D


The first image is a gradient mesh assignment. I figured since it's just an exercise that I can't throw in my portfolio that I'd show it off here!

The thumbnails are for my final project in my illustrator class! We are to do a vector illustration for the iPad. I really want to do the first one and make it look really vintage. So hopefully my instructor gives me the go ahead. All of the other ones would be really fun to do, too!


When I don't want to do homework I just go on lookbook.nu and sketch hipsters. Super fun!


So, this was the most trying assignment that I've ever done. So many things went wrong when I was creating this in illustrator. But this is illustrator. All blends, gradients, blood, and tears.

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Started working on my spot illustrations for my illustrator class. We are doing the seven deadly sins. Here are Envy and Lust.


A couple of sketches to keep me from my homework.


Here is the line drawing and working final for my third project in senior studio. I really need to kick up the pace and produce more work! More more more!

Crit encouraged! I'm still messing around with fonts and type, my classmates had a lot of great suggestions today :)


Working finish of my Munny! Critique encouraged!


Seven Deadly Sins sketches. Here is a work in progress of my seven deadly sins project! Critique welcome! Going to start the line work in illustrator soon. :)


Just started working on my Munny!

Crit encouraged :) Starting the vector line work tomorrow.


This assignment has possibly been my least favorite and most challenging assignment in my time at CCS. Hopefully I never have to do anything relating to my high school ever again! We had to revamp our old high school logo, which is obviously the Blue Devils. I've never liked our mascot, ever. But above is what I've done with the logo! Thanks for checking out my blog.


Working on project 2 for senior studio :)


Just survived my first senior studio critique! I have a lot of tweaks and changes to do to this piece, but I'm slowly becoming happier with it.

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Currently working on my first project for senior studio. Here is the line drawing and color studies for it!


First digital live study I've done in a long time. It was very fun and refreshing! I'm really excited that Don let me sit in on the last 10 minutes of his class!!


Working on senior studio stuff! I'm taking 18 credit hours this semester, only too much fun so far! Currently thumbnailing forever while I rewatch Dexter :)


Submission for the Milla Jovovich Model Exchange contest on Sketchoholic.


Finished up a commissioned piece! Well, I will once I get rid of the bottom strawberry, client doesn't want it anymore :) But I'm pretty excited about this piece. i've never done anything like it before. Boom.


Recent sketchbook stuff. Thanks for checking out my blog!


 There seems to be a disconnect between my sketches and my final every time I do... any project. Maybe I'm just awful. Haha. But here's a quick, 2 hour little piece for a dog rescue logo.

Just gotta.... keep trying harder :)


Fun fun fun figure sketches!! My scanner worked long enough to scan one page....


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This summer is so exhilerating! I have no income so I'm frantically trying to find a job, but I'm drawing more than I have any other summer so far!
This summer so far I've been story boarding my summer, more or less it's going to be my little visual diary that no one else gets to see. I'll also be working on contests on the website Sketchoholic, as well as going to parks, zoos, museums.. anywhere where I can draw or paint. Exciting, right??

The image posted above is a small clip from a sketch I'm about to progress for the Sketchoholic contest Lady Gaga and Weird Creature.

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This is my final painting for my digital pen and ink class. :) I've never talked clouds before, I'm defniitely going to go back and fix a lot of the problems, but I'm currently really happy with the success of this piece :)

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I haven't posted anything recently due to finals and my motherboard on my computer crashing. Currently crossing my fingers and praying I'll get my computer back asap so I can prepare for reviews.



Here's my partially completed process portfolio for class :) Yeah, I've already posted this espn stuff before, but not in a pretty little layout :) Now I just need to write my creative brief.

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