All ready for critique in the morning... now for that 10 page paper due right after.........


here's a bit more progress. still need to bring everything together. need more smoke and flaaaaaames!!! pretty excited that we have an extended deadline for this assignment :)


Here are a couple of recent assignments from my storyboarding class. Probably my favorite class this semester. :)


Here is the color study for the next project in my environment class. I'm happy to get started with the finished piece. :)


Today I started another piece. "worst job" I've posted the progress so far. I've been about 2 hours into that particular piece. I'm probably 12 hours into my dino/amelia piece. I keep getting faced with problems, especially still figuring out digital painting. I'm probably going to take it to color the next time I work on it. I'm excited about both pieces so far. Critique/suggestions are highliy encouraged. :)


Here are two paintings in progress for one of my studio classes. Both have a ways to go before being finished. I wish I had more progress work from the colored piece. First real attempt at photoshop. I'm almost happy!


starting an environment painting for class. we were all given a couple different thumbnails to choose from. i'll be posting progress as i get along.

also working on a storyboarding project for class. scans will be up soon :)


digital painting practice!