Finally in Florida! Started my first day at Detail Planners. My coworkers, Cory and Sarah, are awesome. Love them already. We tackled a crazy project today and tomorrow is going to be great too! I'm still pretty nervous though. I feel so awkward answering the phone.
Did a bunch of bad sketches on the plane ride over. The guy sitting next to me was looking at me kind of funny (yeah, the guy that was talking to himself).

Here's an overview of where I'm staying this summer:
The air is so humid I feel I can drink it. My hair will be a frizzy afro all summer.
I live with 6 animals. 3 dogs. 3 cats. Cooper, Moochie, Lola, Bigfoot, 75, and Bat.
I get to babysit a bird, dog, snake, and fish in a few weeks.
Bat stares at nothing and 75 attacks my feet.
It's been raining pretty much nonstop. I'd like to go outside and play soon, please.
I'm going to a business conference Wednesday. haha, Let's see how this one goes. eeeek!

My laptop should be getting here soon. Once that happens, I'll be able to upload photos of all the crazy fun I'm having.

Until then, be jealous. =P

And plllease get me to the nearest beach!!

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